Friday, September 24, 2010

Rape Zombies

Ok so here's an excerpt from a book a friend of mine is writing. This is still preliminary and needs a lot of rewriting and editing but I think he has come up with the worst possible way for the world to end:

Let me slow down a bit and explain, because I don’t know how much background you been given about this era of human existence. I assume in whatever future you are reading this in you have more information than we do now, but if you don’t here is the information we have. I don’t know what year it is; no one does. But the consensus is that civilization fell some time after the year 2007, that’s the date of the latest record we have found. There was an outbreak, a disease that crippled the conscious decisions of the human mind and left only the primal instincts. It was blood-borne and fast acting, and it spread like cockroaches scared by a light or a jagged ripple in a pool. It left very little behind it. I’ve read enough of the old world’s fiction to know what zombies are. This was worse. It was false to assume that zombies would be mindless. Even in their most bestial state men were still pack hunters. The banded together and overran large groups with simultaneous attacks from all sides. Also these weren’t the undead, just infected. The third discrepancy is what really sets the real zombies from the mythical ones. Zombies didn’t just want food and water, but there was a third primal need that most predictions overlooked: sex. Yeah that’s fucking right, rape zombies. Since the disease was blood-borne it was also an STD. Though I’m sure some of the disease was spread through fights and open wounds, it was transferred mainly through infected gang-bangs. Whenever I feel depressed I just think about how blessed I am not to have been alive then. As humanities numbers dwindled, the disease subsided but it did not disappear. Instead the infected adapted to it, and over the generations have become something more disgusting. We call them used to call them subs, short for sub-human, but Cid calls them trolls, I’m assuming because they were dirty and vicious, and it’s been catching on. (On a side note I’ve always wanted to create a slang word, so I’m a little jealous.) They are different from the world-ending infected because they were born with the disease and so the effects are more tolerable. To them at least, we however, find it harder to ignore them. See, they have developed methods to lure people to them. Usually it’s something like a free food sign or whatever, but some are slyer. There have been fake news stations that turn out to be an ambush, and they’ll broadcast things that are deliberately aggravating in order to trick people into rioting on the station. About a month ago a well known radio broadcaster said something negative about a local religious cult, in retaliation they marched on the radio’s headquarters. The cult is gone and so it the radio station, but the few that escaped the massacre/rape-fest made sure the story was heard again and again.


  1. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  2. Zombies are disgusting enough, no ? Cool story bro !!

  3. My girlfriend is actually DEATHLY afraid of zombies. Like, irrationally afraid, almost like some people with spiders.

    It's cool, though, because I totally live to kill zombies. We're a pretty sweet couple.

  4. I'm beginning to think that zombies don't stand a chance against the pent up testosterone of this generation of men.