Monday, January 9, 2012

Ok so I got Skyrim, played Skyrim, cheated and made broken weapons and armor and now I'm done. Great game though, definitely game of the year by far. Now I'm back to playing Killing Floor and League of Legends.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So lately I've been looking for work, not very well mind you. In my hour of need I turned to the internet and as it turns out there are a lot of companies who can spend millions making you watch videos. What I mean is there are plenty of ways to make money for doing basically nothing. If you work minimum wage you make about 12 cents a minute. with some sites you can make up to 20 cents a minute doing random shit. Cashcrate is one I've been looking into. not too bad, they give you a dollar to start but you need to get to 20 before they pay you. Swagbucks is another one, its essentially the yahoo homepage but they pay you to search and watch videos and stuff. They also have games but they're not very good and you make money randomly. However the good part is that you can get like a 5 dollar gift card for 150 points (about $1.50) for some smaller stores.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Let me check the math

So I saw The Social Network. It didn't blow me away. It wasn't that it was bad or anything, it's just that it's so obvious that most of it is exaggerated. I mean honestly, Mark Zuckerberg is made out to be some socially retarded asshole with magic programing skills. I understand he could probably hack college computer systems but I mean the whole character is completely unfit for anyone with an intelligence like his. If you haven't seen the movie this next part is spoilers. So basically Mark gets wasted and makes a site where people rated girls at Harvard by how hot they are, which gets him in trouble for breach of privacy or something stupid like that. Basically the Harvard computer guys get all butt-hurt that he hacked their system, and put him on probation. Then these twin brothers from some club read the story and ask him to make their site. Of course Mark steals the idea and makes Facebook, and the wonder twins are like "well shit" so they sue him. While this is going on, Justin Timberlake gets high on cocaine and convinces Mark that he is the one true master of the internet and that Mark should come hang with him in Cali. So he does cause he's got a raging boner for the guy, and his friend who has been paying for Facebook so far is all "OK I'll stay here and try to get money for the site, please don't screw me over." So Mark and Timberlake screw him over, which Mark seems to be indifferent about which is weird cause it's his only friend, and I don't see how anyone with the intelligence required to get into Harvard could not see that screwing over an old friend because of a new man-crush is a shit idea. Whatever. So then Timberlake gets caught with coke and he's all "it's not mine" but Marks doesn't believe him. Eventually Mark's lawyer tells him that he's probably in the right, but he's gonna lose the case cause of all the times he was an asshole which is always. And then the movie ends with Mark Zuckerberg facebook-stalking his ex.

Jesse Eisenberg was good though.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chain Reaction

So there's a small venue near where I live called Chain Reaction. My friend told me about it because he had gone before and he wanted to go again. So I said alright and I look up some of the bands playing there. It was a lot of unknown bands, names I had never even heard of, but then I saw the band Ludo was playing. I knew a few of their songs because one was on the radio and a friend of mine had the album so I had listened to some of there stuff and of course was immediately a fan of The Horror of Our Love, which is a beautifully evil song. So we got there at like 7ish but the band wasn't on until like 9:40. We ended up just doing random things to pass the time, like we went to Target and got cookies and then we sat in my friends car and watched Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Which is hilarious and I would recommend to anyone who watched DBZ as a kid. When the band came on I was instantly a fan. I swear the band themselves were having the most fun in the whole place, and the lead-singer just having the time of his life. It really made me want to be in a band, to just go up on stage and act crazy for a few hours with a couple good friends, and even thought it's hot a balls and you're sweating bullets you couldn't care less. Anyway when the show was over, we got some autographs and some pictures and stuff. Then the guy on the synthesizer, handed out some CDs of some other band and told us to listen to them and post what we thought on his facebook. I thought the name of the album was good: "The First Album was Better." The songs themselves were a little to slow, I mean a ballad here and there is fine but the whole albums was like that. I felt the song about squirrels taking over the town went a long ways towards redeeming the album but they're not a band who's career I see taking off

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is no right answer

Short post while I'm waiting for the weekend. 5 questions and my answers to them

1. What would you do with a million dollars?

I would use the money to make a movie, preferably of my favorite book ever House of Leaves, it would be a very high budget independent film. Paranormal activity only cost $15K think what I could do with a million. I hire decent small time actresses and use my producer/director influence to get with one or more of them. Then depending on the revenue of the movie when it is released, I either invest in technology that will eventually give me super powers, or buy the internet.

2. If the Google Maps van was coming towards you what would you do?

Jump in front of it. I think it would be hilarious to go to street view and all the sudden there is a dude dead in the road and then the next click shows the Google maps guys standing over the body like "OMG, OMG" and then the next click goes back to the road like nothing happened.

3. Whats the stupidest thing you've ever heard/seen?

Del Taco, 2 AM, guy in the drive-through is pissing out of his car from the driver seat, when he noticed that we were right there at the tables outside and we were looking at him, this genius decides to respond with "What? You never seen a man piss out his car before?"

4. What is the meaning of life?

I think that if you're interesting and entertaining then your life has meaning. The actual meaning of life is probably something stupid though, like it was all just God playing Sims.

5. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because I right-clicked on the other side.

Post your own answers in the comments, you can respond to one question, all of them, make up your own I don't care

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does anyone else do this?

Or is it just me?

1. Dream you already got up and went to class, and then you really wake up
2. See a yellow light and for a split second think, maybe it will turn green
3. Go on Omegle to mess with strangers and then end up having a long conversation about something significant
4. Wonder if anyone else does the weird things you do
5. Break social norms just to see peoples reactions
6. Say sneeze after you sneeze
7. Hang around with druggies just to prove that you're immune to peer pressure
8. Speak with a different accent to people you will probably never meet again

I'm gonna guess half of these are just me. I'd think of more but I have to go to Physics class.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The floor is lava

So I asked my friend Zach (the writer from my Rape Zombies post) how the book was coming and he told me it was on hold. When I asked how long he said, "Let me put it this way, the working title of the book is: I'm Never Going to Finish This." Personally I'm impressed he got as far as he did before he gave up on it. He always was very vocal about his hatred of writing. Hopefully this hiatus is not indefinite and he will return to writing what I can only assume is the greatest book of all time. I mean with rape zombies and one of the characters having Tourettes, it is obviously the Grapes of Wrath of our time.

Later on my brother, my friend, and I decided we were going to make videos to put on youtube. coming up with a hundred great ideas we didn't have the means of doing, we decided to make a short video of my friend walking into a room and staring at us standing on the couches, I then proceed to tell him that the floor is lava and then my brother falls onto the floor and starts screaming. It's pretty stupid, I know. I'll probably post it when I finish editing it.