Monday, October 4, 2010

Let me check the math

So I saw The Social Network. It didn't blow me away. It wasn't that it was bad or anything, it's just that it's so obvious that most of it is exaggerated. I mean honestly, Mark Zuckerberg is made out to be some socially retarded asshole with magic programing skills. I understand he could probably hack college computer systems but I mean the whole character is completely unfit for anyone with an intelligence like his. If you haven't seen the movie this next part is spoilers. So basically Mark gets wasted and makes a site where people rated girls at Harvard by how hot they are, which gets him in trouble for breach of privacy or something stupid like that. Basically the Harvard computer guys get all butt-hurt that he hacked their system, and put him on probation. Then these twin brothers from some club read the story and ask him to make their site. Of course Mark steals the idea and makes Facebook, and the wonder twins are like "well shit" so they sue him. While this is going on, Justin Timberlake gets high on cocaine and convinces Mark that he is the one true master of the internet and that Mark should come hang with him in Cali. So he does cause he's got a raging boner for the guy, and his friend who has been paying for Facebook so far is all "OK I'll stay here and try to get money for the site, please don't screw me over." So Mark and Timberlake screw him over, which Mark seems to be indifferent about which is weird cause it's his only friend, and I don't see how anyone with the intelligence required to get into Harvard could not see that screwing over an old friend because of a new man-crush is a shit idea. Whatever. So then Timberlake gets caught with coke and he's all "it's not mine" but Marks doesn't believe him. Eventually Mark's lawyer tells him that he's probably in the right, but he's gonna lose the case cause of all the times he was an asshole which is always. And then the movie ends with Mark Zuckerberg facebook-stalking his ex.

Jesse Eisenberg was good though.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chain Reaction

So there's a small venue near where I live called Chain Reaction. My friend told me about it because he had gone before and he wanted to go again. So I said alright and I look up some of the bands playing there. It was a lot of unknown bands, names I had never even heard of, but then I saw the band Ludo was playing. I knew a few of their songs because one was on the radio and a friend of mine had the album so I had listened to some of there stuff and of course was immediately a fan of The Horror of Our Love, which is a beautifully evil song. So we got there at like 7ish but the band wasn't on until like 9:40. We ended up just doing random things to pass the time, like we went to Target and got cookies and then we sat in my friends car and watched Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Which is hilarious and I would recommend to anyone who watched DBZ as a kid. When the band came on I was instantly a fan. I swear the band themselves were having the most fun in the whole place, and the lead-singer just having the time of his life. It really made me want to be in a band, to just go up on stage and act crazy for a few hours with a couple good friends, and even thought it's hot a balls and you're sweating bullets you couldn't care less. Anyway when the show was over, we got some autographs and some pictures and stuff. Then the guy on the synthesizer, handed out some CDs of some other band and told us to listen to them and post what we thought on his facebook. I thought the name of the album was good: "The First Album was Better." The songs themselves were a little to slow, I mean a ballad here and there is fine but the whole albums was like that. I felt the song about squirrels taking over the town went a long ways towards redeeming the album but they're not a band who's career I see taking off